United States Shipping Delays

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Update: 05/05/2021


We are still using United States Post Office as the primary source of delivery. You can use your tracking number that has been emailed to you on the United States Post office website. Link is below:

United States Post Office

We recommend signing up for email and or text alerts directly from the United States Post office. We are still experiencing delays of orders to the United States. However, as airports and airlines start to fly worldwide again we expect for the delays to decrease.

Damaged Order

We've also seen an increased of damaged goods that were pulled for inspection by customs before being turned over to the United States Post Office for delivery. If this is the case please follow the instructions in the link below.

Order Arrived Damaged


We are also contracting through Pitney Bowes to help improve delivery speeds. If your tracking number starts with a 4 then your parcel is being shipped with this courier service and the post office won't have much information until it is ready for delivery. The Pitney Bowes tracking website is honestly "hit or miss" when it comes to tracking parcels directly.

Pitney Bowes

Order Hasn't Moved

We understand the frustration, but once your parcel is shipped it is moving through the mail system. Not all locations scan your parcel especially as it airport hops to the United States. Once you see your parcel has been scanned and cleared by customs (ISC), we strongly recommend that you register your parcel with the United States Post office to receive email and or text updates. Your parcel is much more likely to be scanned through the transition. 

If it still hasn't moved please contact our customer service via Facebook first and email second.

Order in the Fulfillment Process after a couple of Weeks

If you visit the tracking or your account and your order is still in the fulfillment process after two weeks please let us know. This usually means we were able to do a bulk shipment and the tracking number hasn't been updated or the parcel wasn't picked up. Sometimes, we do send out parcels without updating tracking information and have to go into our system to manually do it. Sometimes we just forget to input the information. There is a total of four of us and we are all human and make mistakes. Just let us know and we will get the issue corrected.

Finally some good news!

We hope by summer we will be able to start offering US five days or less shipping. Currently looking to open a warehouse on the west coast (California or Nevada - leaning towards just staying in California). 



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